Playground One® Playsets

All Playground One® Playsets are made from 100% solid-beam Pacific cedar construction. Pacific Cedar is known for its natural strength and durability, naturally resistant to decay and rot, resistant to pest infestations and fungus. All Playground One® Playsets are also built with interlocking multi-beam joint construction that reduces any type of dangerous sway. Bolts are strategically positioned to ensure stability at every angle, and that creates less stress on hardware, less maintenance, and more peace of mind. We use oxidized hot dipped galvanized hardware to ensure no rust to cut or scrape kids, and corrosion free fasteners throughout.

All Playground One® Playsets come with a 10 year limited warranty

We have over 100 options of playsets to choose from!

Best of all, these playsets can be customized. You can purchase a playset and, over time, build out a larger play area with activity panels, additional slides, a ship’s wheel and more!

We offer delivery and installation for an extra charge, dependent on playset and installation location.


Playground One® Warranty

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